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Organized by the The Latvian Society for Chess Composition, in co-operation with the Riga Chess Federation, the 13th ECSC took place in the Radisson Blu Daugava hotel, on the bank of the Daugava river. The main competition proved again the dominance of Polish solvers, whose team was accompanied by those of Serbia and Russia. Winners of individual medals were the same as in the WCSC 2016, but this time IMGP2792-smallPiotr Murdzia and Kacper Piorun from Poland exchanged places, ahead of Marjan Kovačević from Serbia. Placement of juniors U23 announced the future might belong to new Russian talents: Danila Pavlov, Aleksey Popov and Svetlana Tishova. The ECSC director Luc Palmans carefully prepared a selection of high quality problems with clear contents, assuring the participants to have the essential pleasure of solving, not only a hard work.

  • (12.05) The ECSC was officially opened by the WFCC president Harry Fougiaxis, after Julia Vysotska greeted all the guests in the name of the organizing team. Competitions began with Open solving tourney that attracted 63 participants from 16 countries, including the guest from Brazil Marcos Roland, and the record number of Latvian solvers. The director, Vidmantas Satkus (Lithuania), selected 14 problems for 180 minutes. In each round there was one fairy problem (Madrasi h#4, 4 Solutions, and S#4 Maximummer), but only 6/7 problems in each round were counted for the final table. The winner of the quite difficult contest was Bojan Vučković (Serbia) with 43 out of 60 possible points, ahead of Kacper Piorun (Poland) and Boris Tummes (Germany). The most successful lady was Laura Rogule (Latvia), supported by her husband and a month old baby (on the photo). The best junior was Danila Pavlov (Russia).
    DSCN0644 DSCN0641 DSCN0666 DSCN0670 DSCN0671 DSCN0673
  • (13.05) The central competition, 13th European Chess Solving Championship, directed by Luc Palmans (Belgium), began with 15 teams and 68 individual competitors. Between rounds, solvers could have enjoyed the view of the old town on the other side of the Daugava river (on the photo). Preliminary results of the 1st day: Teams | Individuals.
    DSCN0678 DSCN0684 DSCN0694 DSCN0696 DSCN0697 DSCN0712
  • (13.05) Solving show was run by Vidmantas Satkus, according to the system he proposed in Vilnius ECSC 2013 (Swiss system, 9 rounds, each round consisting of 1 #2, 1 h#2 and 1 S#2, solving time 2 minutes for each problem). Among 26 participants, Aleksandr Bulavka (Belarus) had the best finish and won ahead of Kacper Piorun (Poland) and Andrey Selivanov (Russia).
    DSCN0723 DSCN0742 DSCN0743 DSCN0745 DSCN0759 DSCN0762
  • (13.05) The novelty of Riga ECSC was the so called Baltic Combined competition, suggested and realized by Ilja Ketris (Latvia), one of the organizers. It is kind of biathlon competition, where the ten participants entered their own original problems, following the given thematic condition, and later solved the problems prepared by their rivals.
    DSCN0764 DSCN0785 DSCN0795 DSCN0797 DSCN0798


Latvian Society for Chess Composition in cooperation with Riga Chess Federation
is holding the 13th European Chess Solving Championship in Riga, Latvia, as per WFCC desicion.

We welcome European teams and individual solvers to compete in ECSC, and everybody else
to compete in informal tournaments, hang out and have fun in Riga.

  • Dates: Friday 12th May — Sunday 14th May, 2017
  • Location: city of Riga, the capital of Latvia
  • Venue: Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel, Kuģu iela 24, LV-1048, Rīga
    ☏ +371 6706 1111
  • Activities within ECSC:
    • ECSC, 1st and 2nd day
    • Open Solving Tournament
    • Solving Show
    • Thematic tournament “Baltic Combined”
    • Composing tourneys by participants
  • Registration fee: €45
  • Room prices at Radisson Blu Daugava:
    • Single €70
    • Double €75
    • Triple €90

    To get these prices, you have to book using the link sent to you upon your registration. Prices include:

    • buffet breakfast
    • unlimited WiFi
    • unlimited use of fitness centre, saunas, pool
  • You can also stay anywhere in Riga.
  • Registration deadline: 20th April, 2017

Please book your hotel either through the link you receive in email
after registration, or on your own. We don’t process booking.


May 12th, Friday May 13th, Saturday May 14th, Sunday
9:00 Arrival and registration ECSC 1st day ECSC 2nd day 9:00
12:30 Go see the city, get food Judges work hard 12:30
16:00 Prize giving 16:00
17:00 Open Solving Solving Show and Baltic Combined Bon voyage! 17:00
20:15 Captains’ Meeting

Getting here

Riga airport (RIX) is 8km away. Your options are:

  • bus 22 or minibus 222. Get off at
    “Nacionālā bibliotēka”, it will cost you €2
  • taxi, should be about €12-15
  • airport shuttle, €6 per person

If you come by car, just go to “Kuģu 24, Riga”. The hotel parking
is €8 per day.


Registered participants


Aliaksandr Mikhalap
Aliaksandr Bulauka
Mikalai Sihnevich
Vasiliy Zelenkovsky


Luc Palmans


Marcos Roland


Jorma Paavilainen
Hannu Harkola
Harri Hurme
Terho Marlo


Andreas Rein
Wilfried Neef
Boris Tummes


Harry Fougiaxis
Panagiotis Konidaris
Nikolaos Mendrinos
Nikos Sidiropoulos


Chovnik Mordechay
Chovnik Tatyana
Omer Friedland


Julia Vysotska
Iļja Ketris
Antons Gajevskis
Modris Rāviņš
Olita Zadorožnaja
Emīls Tabors
Miķelis Emīls Miķelsons
Artis Alainis
Aivars Stašāns
Kristaps Reinis Strods
Laura Rogule
Ēriks Priednieks
Stasis Granauskis
Uldis Strautiņš


Vidmantas Satkus
Vilimantas Satkus
Martynas Limontas
Stasys Steponavičius
Dmitrijus Chocenka
Viktoras Paliulionis


Hans Uitenbroek
Dolf Wissmann
Peter van den Heuvel
Johan de Boer


Ryszard Królikowski
Piotr Murdzia
Kacper Piorun
Aleksander Miśta
Piotr Górski
Jakub Marciniszyn

Russian Federation

Aleksey Popov
Evgeny Viktorov
Andrey Selivanov
Dmitry Pletnev
Danila Pavlov
Mikhail Iakhtenfeld
Marina Skorobogatova
Ekaterina Diakonova
Olga Diakonova
Anatoly Mukoseev
Tishova Svetlana


Marjan Kovačević
Miodrag Mladenović
Bojan Vučković
Vladimir Podinić
Živojin Perović


Oto Mihalčo
Marek Kolčák
Richard Dobiáš
Emil Klemanič


Marko Klasinc
Klemen Šivic
Darko Sitar


Oleksiy Solovchuk
Volodymyr Kurylenko
Valeriy Kopyl

United Kingdom

Jonathan Mestel
Michael McDowell
Colin McNab
Ian Watson
David Hodge

81 registered so far.

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